Jennifer Downey Celebrates Ambiance Milestone!
Inspired by a 1980 tabloid headline, Home Sex Toy Parties Heat Up California, Ambiance was established in 1981 as a local home party plan. The goal from its inception was to help women and couples “enhance their romance.” And for 34 years, Ambiance has helped the love lives of NEO couples keep rocking. In fact, it's seen multiple generations enhance their romance! Read the Full Story »
Ambiance President Jennifer Downey
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Ambiance, The Store For Lovers is dedicated to helping our customers Enhance the Romance© in their intimate relationships by providing a comfortable, upscale, retail shopping experience featuring an extensive selection of personal, romantic and erotic products, combined with sensitive, caring customer service.

Enhancing the Romance since 1981

Since 1981, Ambiance, the Store for Lovers, has helped couples enhance their romance©. Young and old, women and men, all who desire love and affection count on Ambiance when celebrating the special occasions in their relationships.