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Ambiance is the Store for ALL Lovers!

Ambiance is the Store for ALL Lovers, and supports the LGBT community in Northeast Ohio. Just as early Ambiance customers helped turn the company’s focus to a couple-oriented business, LGBT customers, in recent years, have helped us improve our product offerings that best fit their wants, needs and desires. From these tailored selections to generous donations at local fundraising events, Ambiance is committed to ensuring that all couples have a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Community Involvement

“Ambiance is delighted to support Pride in the CLE,” says Jennifer Downey, president of Ambiance. “We believe that all couples should take pride in their love lives, no matter what their sexual orientation is.”

​This will be the 4th year for the Pride in the CLE event. Local LGBTQ+ community members, organizations, and leaders are proud to announce that the march and festival will take place on Saturday, June 1, 2019.

“Supporting the LGBT community in northeast Ohio is extremely important to Ambiance, and we show our support in many ways,” says Downey, who is a founding board member and a member of Plexus, the Chamber of Commerce for the LGBT Community and its Allies serving Northeast Ohio. Downey also sat on the board of directors of the 2014 Gay Games (GG9), which Ambiance was a Green Level Rainbow Sponsor of, that were held in Cleveland.

LGBT Community Center of Greater ClevelandEach year, Ambiance supports dozens of events such as Pride in the Valley FestivalEquality Ohio, Colors of Cleveland Pride, the LGBT Center and other organizations that are striving to connect communities, break down stereotypes and achieve equality for all regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

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