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It’s Time To Get Lucky!


Are you contemplating celebrating this upcoming St. Patrick’s day and realize that you would rather spend it at home getting lucky with your lover? Are you tired of the drunken parties, the over abundance of four leaf clovers and the overdoing it with green beer? Enhance your romance and your luck, mix it up this St Paddy’s Day!

Seduce in Green

Spread a little of your own festive green in the bedroom. Dazzle your partner this St. Patrick’s Day with some sexy green lingerie. You can also create a feisty, yet sultry leprechaun or Irish peasant style costume and become your lovers sex slave for the night. Who can resist an innocent, yet horny Irish peasant girl that is yearning for a big burly man to dominate her and assist her in unleashing her sexual prowess?

Toys ‘R’ You!

Have some fun this ol’ Irish eve and bring out the toys for some good old fashion (truly modern) play. Go searching for that rich pot of gold that is secretly kept hidden within your sexy lady, also known as the mysterious G-spot, and discover a world of possibilities. For extra fun, indulge in all things green to stir up a little sensual magic.

Bailey’s, Massages and the Emerald Isle

Stay in with your main squeeze and sip Bailey’s Irish Cream or an Irish Single Malt Whiskey by a cozy fire. Enjoy this St. Paddy’s Day by making sweet, sweet love to your partner over and over again. Practice your best Irish brogue, light some candles and give your partner the “luckiest” massage he or she has ever experienced.

If you want to take it up a notch, try some flavored lubricant and bring your partner to a whole new level of sexual ecstasy. Take your man’s member and massage him gently and sensually, using your mouth and tongue however you see fit. Never hesitate to use every part of you during a thorough hand or blow job. For your special lady, study up before St. Patrick’s Day! If you want to make her squirm and tingle all over, surprise her with some new oral tricks that will make her feel like the luckiest woman alive. Explore her “four leaf clover” for the first time, all over again.

Do you have a sexy St. Patrick’s Day story? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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