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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day is just day’s away and, if you’re like me, you may not have plans yet! Here are some ideas that will take no time at all to put into action! Use them on their own or mix and match for an experience perfect for you and yours!

Wine tasting for two: Grab a few bottles of vino and a fancy assortment of cheese, set it all out nicely on your coffee table and enjoy some soft music and just of the two of you tasting new and familiar things.  Don’t forget this is only a tasting! You wouldn’t want to get carried away and ruin your romantic evening!

Not so innocent game night: Who doesn’t love “fun and games”? Homemade Valentine cards, adult board games, popcorn maybe even build a “love fort” You know, couch cushions, blankets, a flashlight or two…  And for the closing of your evening, naughty candy?! Yes! 

Play Dress Up: Straighten up your humble abode while providing your honey a special “show”. Let your hard working man sit back and relax with a beer while you enter the room in a sexy French Maid costume! You can seductively dust all around him and then later on, pull out a special “feather duster” to use on him.

Strangers in the night: Have your lover dress their best or even wear a disguise but, do not allow yourself  to see each other.  Instead, send them to a Bar that neither of you have ever been to. You get to “show up” as a stranger and one of you can try their hardest to seduce the other into going home with them. Where the night goes after that is completely up to you!

Dinner at a new exotic or expensive Restaurant: The twist here is, afterward, you check into a hotel. Once there you can turn it into a sensual night of massage between only the two of you. Happy Endings are mandatory! Or maybe a “Love Dungeon” you can furnish with things you may not feel comfortable using at home… 



Bottom line is, it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be special. It just needs to be romantic, thoughtful and personal to show your Valentine just how much they really mean to you!


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