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Make His Heart Race This Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your sweetheart just how much he gets your heart racing, too! And, the best way to do that is by giving them a little something extra, something that they probably wouldn’t receive on your typical “Date Night”.

Chocolate or jewelry is most certainly not what he’s hoping for! We came up with some “gift” ideas for men that they’ll be sure to love as much as women love chocolate! The Store For Lovers will help you make this V Day one that he will not forget!


When your man gets to see you “all dolled up” just for him, it makes him feel privileged. And, it will remind him of one of the many reasons he is so lucky to have you! There is no reason to be shy! He already knows what you look like naked… You will feel so sexy watching him go gaga at the sight of you! No need for your sexy wrappings to be removed quickly either. You can choose a style that he will want to leave you in as he ravishes you!

Private Dancer

Whether or not your your guy enjoys Strip Clubs, he is guaranteed to love you putting on his own private show! Relax, take him by the hand, and sit him down. Do what makes you feel sexy. Sway your hips to your favorite sultry tune, grind, touch, tease and then slowly unwrap  yourself to reveal that sexy lingerie we just talked about! How about making the attraction even more intense with the use of Aphrodisiacs?

Role Reversal

Men are used to being the initiators of sex. They may not really mind but, at the same time you don’t ever want him to wonder if he wasn’t “doing all of the work” would sex even be a part of the equation? Everyone needs to feel desired to be happy. The best way to show a man your desire will always be… Sex! If you need a little push to get you “ready to go”, pop a Female Enhancement pill about an hour ahead of time.

A Quickie in an Unusual Place

In keeping with the same idea as above, why not up the ante? Initiating sex in the bedroom is one thing, imagine his surprise if it was somewhere else! If your a little apprehensive, the kitchen will do. If you really want to drive him mad with lust, do it somewhere outside of your humble abode. Just make sure you choose a safe area before you embark on this journey so you don’t get arrested! A little bit of lubricant will make sure you’re wet and ready in an instant! Try one that will intensify your sensations so you can shoot for that elusive mutual climax this lover’s day!

Act Out His Fantasy

This could be as simple as dressing up as a French Maid and letting him watch you seductively clean or let him do something to you that you may have turned down in the past… Anal sex. We understand this may be an uncomfortable thought but, if it’s something you would consider, there are many ways to execute this cleanly and with little to no pain. If you decide that is just a little too much, our last idea is for you!

A Good Ol’ Blow Job

There is not a man alive than wouldn’t be satisfied with a blow job on V Day! We are not talking about foreplay here. When he is least expecting it, tell him to drop his pants and go to town! The deeper you can take him in, the better so “go pro” with a throat relaxing spray. Want more romance? Coyly offer him a massage to relax him and then finish it off with a surprise “happy ending” that he had no clue was coming. No pun intended!



It’s easy to let our own insecurities get in the way of doing something unexpected. But, don’t ever let it stop you from having an exciting and fulfilling relationship. Pushing through your fear(s) in itself is sexy and he will appreciate that you did and find you even more irresistible than before! And remember, The Store For Lovers! is always there to help you through any bedroom endeavor you embark on!


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