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Red-Hot Resolutions

Red-Hot Resolutions

Ambiance, The Store For Lovers would like to wish you and yours a Happy New Year by sharing our red hot resolutions with you! Here’s to a sexy new start and many, many happy endings in 2019!

Don’t Make Excuses

Instead of using your headache or what a hard day at work you had as a reason to not be in the mood, give in to your partner! Having sex will make you both feel better! Trust us!

Compliment Your Partner

You know how good it makes you feel when your partner says something sweet to you? Share the love! Yes, actions speak louder than words but, simply reminding your significant other what you love about them, is a huge confidence booster that can only bring you closer. You can even leave a little love note to sweeten their day!

Be More Spontaneous

It’s movie night, and while cuddle time is a requirement in every relationship, letting your hand travel up his thigh, or down her blouse will show your partner that you’re feelings for them are not just warm and fuzzy they are downright hot and bothered!

Initiate Sex More Often

Generally speaking, men are the initiators. Most men don’t mind it either but, showing your man that he turns you on so much you are willing to take matters into your own hands at any given moment is pretty much the equivalent to handing him a winning lottery ticket every time you do it!

Try Something New

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. And, there is definitely something to be said for routine. However, those chemicals that get released when you first fall in love won’t ever go away if you are always introducing new things in your relationship. Resolve to do a new activity together, like playing a game, once a month to keep things new and always give you something to look forward to.

Learn A New Technique

When it comes to sex, the possibilities are truly endless. You can try a new position, learn a new way to touch, experiment with a little bondage… I could go on! The point is, there is always room to make good great and great better so, always keep your mind open to learning new things!

Get A New Sex Toy

Take it from us: You are never too old to play with toys! They can help you get to know your own body better, help you send your lover over the edge in ways you may never have imagined  and make sex together new and interesting each and every time! Explore our huge selection of sex toys and learn what all the buzz is about!

Embrace Your Sensuality

Your partner knows how sexy you are. Trust their judgment! Use lingerie to highlight your best assets and strut your stuff! You will worry less and less about your own self perceived flaws each time you do. Life is to short to waste time being insecure!



Tell us what your romantic resolutions are the comments below!


  1. To make red hot love to my husband every moment of my life. We are still going strong I’m going to be more for my husband every day of my life.


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