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Gifts You Can’t Tell Anyone About


Nothing makes the season brighter than those naughty little gifts that provide multiple orgasms. Problem is opening them in front of the family is probably not a great idea. Especially if your mother in law accidentally opens that special one meant for you! So as a public service, we’ve assembled some playful ideas for gifts best left under the bed, instead of under the tree.

Hiding in Plain Sight
You’re not going to show your relatives that high tech new vibrator that will double the pleasure for both of you? Try hiding it in a panty or underwear drawer. And if it’s discovered in the morning, even better – you’ll both have all day to let the anticipation grow.

Hang the Stockings with Care
Stockings filled with gifts are a Christmas tradition. A sexy pair of legs in sheer or fishnet stockings is appreciated in other ways. Flashing them under your flannel jammies brings new excitement to the night before Christmas.

Everyone Loves a Picture with Santa
Leave a playful note for your partner suggesting you get photos taken with Santa – then direct them to the bedroom where you’re waiting in a red and white little number. Then the two of you can discuss who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Or even better, who’s been nice and naughty!

Keep It Steamy
Did you decide on some water toys to amp up bath-time? Have them ready and waiting with a bottle of champagne and a hot bubble bath when your partner gets home from work.

Let Your Partner Unwrap You
There’s nothing wrong with letting your partner get a sneak peak of their Christmas present early. Wrap yourself up (complete with a bow) and let your partner unwrap you to reveal the festive panties or lingerie you’re wearing underneath.

How Bad Have You Been?
Write up a naughty list from Santa and include the names of you and your partner. The catch? The only way to get off the naughty list is to get a pair of handcuffs, and get each other off! Or if you and your partner prefer, a little light punishment to turn each other from naughty to nice.

It’s Been My Pleasure
The holidays are full of obligations to family and friends. Reward your partner for sitting through that awkward holiday dinner or drawn-out work party with a set of coupons sure to put them in the holiday spirit.

No matter the gift, a clever hiding place or presentation can add even more fun to the big reveal!



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