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Fall Back In Love


As summer comes to a close and hibernation mode is fast approaching, we will be finding fewer social outings to get involved in. That means we’ll be spending a lot more time in close quarters with our significant others. This can be very exciting for new lovers but, if you’ve been a couple for quite some time, it’s normal for the opposite of excitement to happen to you! Below are some tips to follow that will let us all “Fall Back In Love” with our partners!

Be less critical

Do you sometimes find yourself getting increasingly agitated by your partners “bad” qualities? Hair twirling, fidgeting, chewing so loud you think your eardrums might burst? Its ok to admit it! Its happened to all of us at one point or another. As long as they are not hurting you or themselves, the solution is simple: Stop concentrating on it! Find something to do that will occupy your mind so you don’t start picking on them. Better yet, enjoy a fun couples game or a romantic (and relaxing) massage together!

Remind yourself why you love your partner

Maybe it’s their sense of humor or how they always look out for the under dog? The fact that they know exactly how you like your coffee? Whatever the reasons are, embrace them. Always. Try your hardest to replace every negative thought with a positive one. Eventually, your inner critic will become a cheerleader and love always wins!

Break routine

Doing the same thing over and over again is, in a word monotonous. And, wait for it… Monogamy shouldn’t be monotonous! The spirit of adventure and being willing to try new things is part of what creates a spark between two people in the first place! Go to new places with your partner, try new foods, get involved in activities you haven’t done together before. Have you never used a sex toy with them before? Buy one. Have they asked you to role play with them but, you were apprehensive? Go for it. Trying new things isn’t just exciting, it brings you closer together!

Embrace your individuality

When you first fell in love you were an individual with individual interests and goals. When we become part of a couple its easy to lose a part of ourselves. It’s also easy to forget that the same is true for our partner. It is important to nurture who you are as an individual and to allow them to do the same. Support the one you love in still following their dreams and engaging in activities that are important to them, even if that means giving them space in order to accomplish those things. In turn, you can reconnect with your “old self”. Trust us: That old spark will reignite in no time!

Make intimacy a priority

You already know that physical affection makes you feel more connected to your partner, but with the daily stresses we encounter, acts of affection can become just another routine instead of a passionate act. The best way to keep that from happening is to stay in touch with your own desires and sexuality no matter how much life seems to get in the way. Just holding hands as you walk into the grocery store or a lingering hug before you run out the door in the morning can “bring back that loving feeling”!  Going to bed a little early, in some sexy lingerie wouldn’t hurt either! No one, I repeat NO ONE is too busy to take a moment to slow down and enjoy their partner!




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