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Happy Spanksgiving!


Amp up the energy in your bedroom this year, with the gift of a new experience! Although spanking may be thought of as a bit taboo, many folks enjoy a light smacking with their sexcapades.

Whether you’re curious but have never tried it, or it’s something you already know and enjoy, we’ve got some tips on how to bring a little more “spanky” to your hanky panky in honor of Spanksgiving!

1. Give it to ‘em straight.

You’re in the middle of a heated moment. Go ahead, just say it – “You make me so hot, I’m going to spank you and really get you going,” or, if you’re on the receiving end, “I’ve been naughty. Spank me!” Chances are, your partner will love your initiative. If the art of surprise isn’t on your side, grab some drinks and start a conversation about new adventures you each want to try… Or let a couples game introduce the idea on your behalf.

2. Anticipation is key.

If you’re on the giving side of the spank, warm your partner up to the idea with a butt massage. Caress, knead and give a firm pinch to set up for more intense action to come. Between strokes, be generous with a naked rub of your body.  Try some massage “starters” to get the ball rolling.

3. Mix tough with tender.

Once you get going, experiment by going from fast and light to slow and hard, and everywhere in between. Be sure to avoid the tailbone and stay focused on the lower, fatty part of the butt. Trade a caress for a slap with opposite hands or take a look at our whips and ticklers for added inspiration.

4. Don’t neglect the backdoor.

We know, we know. Butt cracks can be a sensitive subject – literally and figuratively! But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the obvious way to amp up the charge. A little erotic teasing goes a long way, especially with the proper toys. For more experienced spankers, grab a flogger and drag it up and down the crack between smacks.

5. See inspiration in the everyday.

Open your eyes to the frenzy of creative spanking ideas around your home! Grab a warm, wet dishtowel, wring out a few drops on your partner’s back, twist and slap. Bring a mystery kit of wooden spoons, spatulas, books etc. to the bed and make your blindfolded partner guess the item. Spank for wrong answers; reward for the right ones!

6. Invite your partner to return the favor.

Let your partner know you’re in the mood for a good spank with sexy lingerie that shows just how naughty you’ve been!  Remember, spanking is not limited to the butt so as you and your partner become accustomed to this exciting practice, experiment with different parts of the body. Bring your best dirty talk to the table (don’t forget to decide on a safe word!) and you’ve got everything you need for an endless array of sexy new sensations.

And, don’t forget to celebrate Black Fetish Friday the day after Spanksgiving to cap off a perfect week of pleasure and pain!



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