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Wednesday is National Curves Day!


National Curves Day was founded on the second Wednesday of October 2015 in efforts to stop body shaming while encouraging women to embrace all things plus positive. As the movement grew so did the urge and desire to empower men who faced challenges battling society’s norms to do the same. In 2017 it became COED (/inclusive) and the National Curves Day, Inc. mission of Embrace.Encourage.Empower. attained equal purpose.

Here are a some ways you can observe this Wednesday:

Throw on something red to show your support, snap a sexy selfie and post it to Social Media using #NationalCurvesDay, #DapperBomber, or #CurvyBombshell.

Treat an equally curvy friend to lunch and skip the salad. Grab something that you really enjoy instead. You are sexy and should not be ashamed to eat what you love!

Donate to National Curves Day, Inc.

Attend #TheRealCatwalk: NCD Edition in Washington, DC.

Pick out your favorite Curvy Girl lingerie for an evening celebration with your lover. Embrace your shapely physique and proudly flaunt those curves!



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