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The Best Toys For Big Boys!


Let’s face it: Toys were made to be played with. And, if you haven’t already played with the adult variety, take it from us you are missing out! We have put together a list of our top selling men’s toys for those of you that may not know where to begin as well as those of you that just need some ideas for something new to add to your collection!

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo

“The Worlds first Guybrator” uses pulse plate technology that stimulates using oscillations. The user simply has to insert his penis and let the pulsations bring him to climax, no stroking required! As an added benefit, the user does not have to have an erection to use it. Pulse can lead to an orgasm even when used on a flaccid penis! This makes Pulse an excellent choice for any man with any form of erectile dysfunction. Make sure you also check out the Pulse III Duo for all of the same benefits, designed for couples to use together!

Fleshlight – Pink Lady Vortex

There’s a reason why Fleshlight is the #1 male sex toy in the world. With its durable case that resembles a flashlight (get it?!), someone would have to look very closely to realize just what it is their looking at. And, that’s just the beginning! It’s soft, lifelike “skin” feels better than the real thing to some and with proper care, will stretch to accommodate all of you while retaining its shape over many, many uses. An adjustable venting control system prevents the build up of unwanted air pressure and allows you to very the suction power depending on your mood. The Pink Lady Vortex specifically, combines fluctuating canal sizes, four spiraled chambers and innovative deep-ridge texturing for an experience unlike anything you’ve felt before!

Zolo Pocket Pool – Corner Pocket 

Designed for fun times alone or with a friend, any of the Pocket Pool masturbators will take you where your hand simply can’t! Each masturbator sleeve is the perfect size for travel and is intended for one time use. Designed to produce unforgettably intense pleasure with a real-feel, life-like texture that warms to the touch and stretches with your every stroke. The Corner pocket features ascending ridges that ensure your tip with be the focus of the game with a uniquely textured snug sleeve.

Dr. Joel Prostate Massager

Call it play, call it massage, call it anything you want; Prostate stimulation is something that every man should be excited to try! The Dr. Joel Prostate Massager has a smaller, unintimidating size and its smaller price tag makes it perfect for beginners to explore uncharted territories without worry! Made from body safe hard plastic, it is 100% waterproof too so, not only will clean up be a breeze, you’ll be able to use it anywhere you please!

Colt Anal Trainer Kit 

This anal trainer kit includes 3 firm rubber butt plugs ranging in size from 3.5″ to 5.5″ long making it easy to move on to bigger and better things! Designed just for men, these masculine black plugs are pliable and have a wide base for safety and easy retrieval. Use them alone or while penetrating your lover for one of the most explosive orgasms you’ve ever had!


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