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Hot Tips To Make Your Summer Sizzle


Summer is finally here! For some of us that means less alone time with our partner. For others, it means more freedom to do whatever, wherever we want. No matter which group you fit into, we have compiled some sweet and sexy ideas that are equally suitable regardless of your schedule.

Sleep Naked.

If you’re always cold, use the heatĀ  to your advantage! Turn the AC off, open the windows and enjoy a strategically placed fan or two. If your partner is always hot, you can cool them down and get them hotter at the same time with some strategically placed ice cubes…

Pool Party.

Almost everyone enjoys at least one “pool party” every summer. If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, why not sneak outside when it’s dark and no one is around to have a private pool party for just you and your lover? Bathing suits are optional, of course!

Soak up the sun.

Did you know that spending only 15 minutes in the sun during the summer months will up your Vitamin D levels thus, improving your mood and your sex drive?! Make sure you get outside during the workday so, by the time you get home, you’ll be ready for some “summer lovin”!

Outdoor Dates.

The same old “dinner and a movie” routine can get… Well, old! In the summer you have many options for fun activities that you just can’t do in the cooler months. Outdoor concerts, Carnivals, long walks on the beach and water sports are just a few ways you can make date night more spectacular and less stale!

Cool Treats.

Make summer a time to indulge. It’s the easiest time to burn off those extra calories! Besides, what could be sweeter (or sexier) than sharing an ice cream cone with your significant other? And, as long as you two are alone, be as messy as you dare… You can enjoy each others company even more by licking each other clean!




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