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Bare It All with Coochy Shave Cream!


Are you tired of trying shaving cream after shaving cream maybe even body wash or hair conditioner, only to be left with red bumps and irritated skin?

Coochy Shave Cream is specially formulated to protect skin and provide a smooth moisturizing shave to any part of the body. Designed for all skin types including sensitive skin and  appropriate for use on any area of the body and face. Coochy can be used by women and men! Because of its moisturizing properties, that will soften even the coarsest body hair,  it can even be used as a hair conditioner!

In scents like Floral Haze, Island Paradise, Sweet Nectar and even Frosted Cake, there truly is a scent for everyone! And, you can try each scent without worry because we have 15ml Travel Packet sizes! Once you’ve found your signature Coochy, you can choose from 3.4 oz or 12.5 oz easy to handle and dispense tubes!

Complete your shaving routine with Coochy After Shave Mist that’s infused with soothing essential oils and ultra-hydrating moisturizer, it will tighten pores and prevent irritation. Or try Coochy Body Oil Mist for an all-over nourishing blast that absorbs instantly for a soft, satin finish. Either will leave your skin feeling oh so soft and silky smooth!

A few quick tips to really reap the benefits of your new favorite shave cream:

While Coochy does most of the work, you’ll still want to make sure that you invest in a good razor and change it often. Start with wet skin and shave slowly taking care not to press too hard as you glide the razor across your skin. And, always rinse your razor periodically between strokes.

When you’re ready to bare it all, choose your Coochy products at any of our Ambiance retail locations or on Storeforlovers.com!



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