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Sexual Zodiac – Taurus


Taurus (the bull) is the sign for those born between April 20 and May 20. Slow foreplay, hot cuddling and sensual massage are the way to seduce the bull.

Taurus the Male
Taurus guys embody a come-hither attitude. He wants to be wanted. The strong silent type, he is patient but forceful.
Taurus men are attracted to dominant women and love to let women take control sexually. They enjoy sex for its own sake. He’s a self starter and boasts all the stamina his woman can ask for.

Sexually he prefers it slow and easy and likes his sex straight and uncomplicated. But he is really into giving oral pleasure and will make that a pleasurable part of foreplay. No need for wild theatrics, he sticks to the tried and true. But he will keep it up until he has totally satisfied his partner.

Taurus the Female
With Venus as her ruler, she is skilled at the art of seduction.
While she attracts many, she is picky and quite sentimental. She can be very jealous and dramatic. In the bedroom, lead her gently. Be kind and patient, but stick to the basics.
She expects to be pleased but is not interested in unusual positions. She’s amazingly romantic and loves sex. The Taurus female craves oral sex. Both giving and receiving.

The erogenous zone for bulls of both sexes is the neck. They love to have them kissed, licked and nibbled on. Make the foreplay slow with lots of teasing, cuddling and be sure to throw in a sensual massage with deliciously scented and/or flavored massage oils when you have the time!

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