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6 Bedroom Essentials For Every Couple


Sure, a nice soft blanket and some extra fluffy pillows might make it easier to drift off to dreamland but, we all know there is a much more important use for the bedroom!  These boudoir necessities guarantee that the ability to keep things interesting in your love life will always be right within reach. You may never have to count sheep again…

  1. Lube. It’s up to you if you select water based, silicone or flavored.  We suggest water based, only because it is safe to use no matter what type of toy you select and let’s be practical it is way easier to clean if/when your passion erupts!
  2. Romantic Technology. Of course you have your favorites, but, among the almost endless choices of “toys” available, consider something small and simple. Also when the walls have ears, add  one that is super quiet.  Just because you’re in the mood for a little buzz time doesn’t mean the neighborhood has to hear you!
  3. Accessories. Toy Cleaner so your toys are always ready. And absolutely, fresh batteries so your fun will not be cut short. You won’t want to interrupt your pleasure desperately stealing the batteries out of your TV remote.
  4. A Liberator. When the “same old position” just won’t do, you’ll love this accessory.  It makes it easy and comfortable to explore position options you never thought you could manage.  And it can easily be stashed away in a closet.
  5. Restraints. For the times someone needs a little “punishment” (or reward) before they’re allowed to go to sleep!  P.S. Don’t forget the blindfold and maybe a do not disturb sign!
  6. Lingerie. You are the whole package after all. Why not wrap yourself up in something that will make you look and feel so sexy, you won’t want to take it off (and you won’t have to!).

Sweet Dreams!



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