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Is Your Vagina The Right Size?


When the question “does size matter?” comes up, we typically think of penises. But, worries about sex organ size also affect women. Not unlike a delicate flower, every woman is completely unique in her shape and size; inside and out! There is no such thing as an imperfect vagina, read on to learn more:

He Says Vagina, She Says Vulva…
First of all terminology is important. the word vagina specifically refers to the canal intended to accommodate a penis and give birth. Vulva refers to the exterior genitalia that includes the clitoris and labia. Speaking of labia, about 50% of women have labia minora (inner lips) that are bigger than their labia majora (outer lips) so, do not feel “different” no matter which group your vulva belongs to!

Vagina’s, just like every other part of the body –  have dimensions that vary from person to person. Generally ranging in sizes from 2-3.5 inches but, all having the ability to “open up”. Think of it as a (very quickly) blooming rose, a vagina can open up to 200% it’s normal size. So, the size of either sex really doesn’t matter at all. Just like a woman accommodating herself to different surroundings, vagina’s can accommodate a penis, giving birth and lets not forget, sex toys!

Penetration should never be uncomfortable. Even with a well endowed partner. If sex is painful, it is more than likely due to lack of foreplay. Not skipping it ensures that the vagina will not only expand enough to comfortably be penetrated but, naturally lubricate itself as well. However, if you have time constraints, we can definitely help in the lube department!

Work It Out
Just as regular exercise can help absolutely anyone, Kegel exercises are something that anyone (even men!) can do to gain strength in their pelvic floor muscles. Keeping these muscles in shape, while not altering the size of your genitals, will help you experience more intense orgasms, have greater control of your orgasms and can even lessen the likelihood of incontinence caused by a weak pelvic floor later in life! The simplest way to do kegel exercises is by “squeezing” just as you would do to stop the flow of urine. Hold for a few seconds and release. Do as many “sets” as you like! If you would like to enjoy immediate sexual satisfaction from your workout, we’ve got you covered there as well!

Inhale (squeeze), Exhale (release)!
So, take a deep breath, relax and be confident. Although we are all programmed to believe that every vagina will permanently “stretch out” from large partners, big sex toys and having babies (of any size), these fears are simply unfounded. A vagina will revert back to its original form, whether it’s a couple of hours after sex or a few months after childbirth. Having toned pelvic muscles will certainly help it revert faster though!





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